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Link your Motorola phone to your computer by using a USB cable. Click the Windows logo from the bottom left corner of your computer’s screen, then, click the folder-shaped icon in the lower-left side of the Start window. This will open the File Explorer program. Turn to the left side bar of the File Explorer to find the name of your Motorola phone. Click to open it. Now, according to the location where your photos are saved, you can decide whether to go to the “Internal Storage” or the “SD card” folder. Well, just select the folder where your photos are in.

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You just purchased a brand new LED or 3D television set and can’t wait to count the beads of sweat on your favorite football player, or experience your Blu-ray collection the way it was meant to be seen. High Definition is the new television standard , with many networks offering their programs in true p HD with 5. High Definition televisions have a confusing group of inputs and outputs located on the back.

These little ports make all the difference between being in the action and being frustrated with your expensive television. If you know how to hook up all of your components, then you’ll have a much more satisfying viewing experience. Depending on your television set , there may be multiple colored ports, s-video ports, speaker outputs, and cable inputs.

Getting a Motorola SBG into “Bridge” mode on TimeWarner Wideband So, say, you have a Linksys E (or whatever model, really) wireless router. You’ve got your port forwarding, your DHCP address table and all this stuff setup just the way you like it.

This often has to do with the Wi-Fi channels in your area. The first step, though, is finding out which channel is least congested in your area. These tools will help you identify which nearby networks are using which channels. Note that Wi-Fi channels overlap with nearby channels. Channels 1, 6, and 11 are the most frequently used for 2. Launch the tool, locate the Channel header, and click it to sort by Wi-Fi channel. Here, we can see that channel 6 looks a bit cluttered — we might want to switch to channel 1 instead.

To access it, hold the Option key and click the Wi-Fi icon on the menu bar at the top of your screen. Instead, click the Window menu and select Utilities.

How to Transfer Photos between Motorola Phone and Computer?

I look for passion, integrity and curiosity. I wake up in the morning to get people excited about new music. I do this with a team and a website sometimes called “a juggernaut of global influence” [Billboard], and sometimes the Hype Machine. If you are human, you can email me or follow me on Twitter. This site is now mostly an archive.

If you do not see your modem listed, you need to purchase or rent a CenturyLink compatible modem. Internal dial-up modems included with new computers are not broadband modems and will not work with CenturyLink TM Broadband service. If you have one of the following modems, it will work with CenturyLink Broadband service and CenturyLink will provide technical support.

Rahul Sharma March 20, The Motorola Droid Turbo, a device exclusively available from Verizon, takes everything you may love about the Moto X, and pushes it to a whole other level. That said, just like any other smartphone available today, this device is not without its issues. Today, we will be focusing on some of the most common problems that Droid Turbo users have been experiencing, while providing some possible solutions on how to fix them.

Problem 1 — Data leakage issues A number of Droid Turbo users have commented that their phones seem to be eating up data, or using data faster than they thought possible. In some cases, the phone shows that a certain amount of data has been used, while Verizon indicates a different amount entirely. Go to Settings- Wi-Fi then tap the menu option. Look at the different applications on the device and try to find out which one is using the most data.

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I see suggestions on other threads for using the second router as a repeater using WDS, but aren’t they stuck with WEP for encryption? Am I missing something? Is the repeater not using WDS? That has been fixed it uses WPA2 now also.

The ARRIS/Motorola SURFboards are known to be one of the best internet broadband devices which many talk of as being good. And yes, I have reviewed the SB, SBU, SB, SBG & SB Cable modems just for you to discover, compare, differenciate, find .

It has a list of questions and answers to the most common problems after the intro part. It’s free, and Jordan is there to provide support and answer questions in case of problems. I do suggest you consider donating to Jordan for his work. You can also read more details in this blog post. Intro The two most common problems are: Webpages do not load fully. This problem will happen in any browser, not just Safari, Firefox etc.

The problem is not in your computer or browser. To fix it, see answer number 4 in this post. Frequent line drops and disconnects – there can be several issues creating this problem. If it solves the problem, ask them to send a technician to test the quality of your line, or email me and I might be able to help.

Motorola SBG6580 SURFboard eXtreme

I’m not certain if these modems are working properly in Arizona right now for Cox subscribers. I replaced my old modem with this model. It would connect very nicely, and was easy to set up for wireless, but 30 mins later it would lose its connection with the DNS servers at Cox.

May 14,  · Connecting GoPro Hero to Xoom Discussion in ‘Motorola Tablets’ started by andyjade, Jan 4, Jan 4, I have a Motorola Xoom running the latest Honeycomb. I have a USB micro to full size converter. I plug the camera in, fire up Astro or File Manager HD, and cannot find my camera. can i hook up a galaxy tablet to my gopro, can.

January 25, 98 Comments Not too long ago, I highlighted 3 ways to get rid of your Comcast modem rental fee after Comcast killed my old Netgear gateway. And when you get a discount on your modem rental, it leaves you with little leverage to negotiate bigger discounts on the cost of the internet service. You can go with a basic cable modem and pair it with a wireless router.

There is a list of Comcast supported cable modems that are compatible with their network. The tech I had spoke to previously had recommended a now obsolete Motorala gateway. Both were top sellers in the cable modem and router categories on Amazon and had outstanding reviews. When you are connected to a tech, tell them you bought your own new modem to replace your Comcast modem.

They will start by asking you for the MAC address and Serial Number listed on your new device so that they can send a signal to your device. The tech walked me through getting my internet up and running with my new modem.

Hardware Information – Motorola DCT700

There are 2 additional ways that you can determine your router’s IP address: Or you can use our free software called Router IP Address. Now that you have your router’s Internal IP Address we are ready to login to it.

Wireless networks have become hugely popular in companies as well as in the homes. The beauty of all wireless networks is the lack of wires – no cables are required, no hassle of running the network cables.

Please note that we try to make this guide as simple as possible so that you can get a basic understanding of these devices under the shortest amount time with the least amount of effort. If you would like to learn more about these in detail, you may wish to check other sources. Router vs Modem vs Modem Router Basic A router links the computers to the internet from modem or let the computer link to each other within the same router network. You need modem to connect to the internet, and then you need router to dispatch the internet information to your devices.

It has router functions as well as modem functions. The reason is that modem by itself is a lasting technology that does not change much, the modem that you buy can well last till its end of life time without having to change.

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Should I unplug my modem when it lightnings How to Install A Modem Installing a Modem is pretty simple and very rewarding when you can do it yourself. After finding and purchasing the proper Modem for your needs, installing the Modem is next. First step is to unplug your old Modem if you have one. If you do have one, make sure to keep the cords just in case your new modem is without them.

Also since every modem is different, refer to your specific models manual. Find a well-ventilated area, to set-up your new modem.

Jan 26,  · I need someones help who works with a Motorola SGBB (no game feature on it). Cable company dropped it off today and did not set up security, auto hook-up to DNS, IP addresses.

Now you can choose similar products introduced by Netgear including C ; C and the wireless —C based modem router i. Netgear wireless cable modems By introducing various models of wireless cable modem by Netgear, Motorola from now on Motorola modem products are under the Arris umbrella is not the first vendor people will suggest when talking about cable modem products like it was before. Wireless cable modem is desirable for newbie since it is an all-in-one device, easier to setup in small wifi environment with Cable services instead of setting up separate Cable modem plus a wireless router.

Setting up separate modem and wireless router is more complicated, first thing you need to make sure that the modem is working already before you can setup the wireless router properly. However, you have the advantage in case of you need to upgrade your existing router to a more powerful one. With all-in-one device you cannot upgrade the wireless router part but purchase separate modem plus router.

Unlike Motorola with SBG wireless cable modem, Netgear offers you various models of wireless cable modem you can consider for building your small wifi network in home.

Wireless Bridge? Repeater? using ASUS RT-AC66U. have Netgear N300 v.3 router.

One 1 USB 2. Actual data throughput and wireless coverage will vary. Network conditions and environmental factors, including volume of network traffic, building materials and construction, and network overhead, lower actual data throughput rate and wireless coverage.

In the picture above the address bar has in it. Just replace all of that with the IP address of your Motorola SBGAC router. Your router’s IP address can also be .

Sunday, April 17, – Problem 1 the JVC isn’t compatible with the motorola box for using VCR Plus, so the cable box would have to be left on for recording which I guess is not a big deal. However, with the Motorola, only the component outputs allow HD and also the guide, info on programming, etc This seemed good however I was getting pixelation and the audio would go out skip a couple times a minute on HD channels However, this was the only way I could get a picture using DVD player, for recording.

However, I could only record programming on Video 1 and in order to record programming recorded previously on the Motorola’s DVR, I need to use video 2?!? The program would be playing on the TV using Video 2, but would record whatever channel Video 1 had going Either way, Comcast told me I should keep the cable from wall going directly into cable box, etc Right now, I have the Motorola hooked up as I always used to, with the cable going into box and component to TV.

I can’t make sense out of that. SO, am I missing something here?

How to Disable the Motorola SBG 6580 Router