‘TouchTones’ at the Arden: Early communication-age intimacy (or is it?)

Multi-tool Multi-tool knives formerly consisted of variations on the American camper style or the Swiss Army knives manufactured by Victorinox and Wenger , however, the concept of a multitool knife has undergone a revolution thanks in part to an avalanche of new styles, sizes, and tool presentation concepts. These new varieties often incorporate a pair of pliers and other tools in conjunction with one or more knife blade styles, either locking or nonlocking. Multitool knives often have more than one blade, including an assortment of knife blade edges serrated, plain, saws as well as a myriad of other tools such as bottle openers , corkscrews , and scissors. A large tool selection is the signature of the Swiss Army Knife. These knives are produced by Victorinox and Wenger and issued to military services and sold to the public. Similar to the Swiss Army knife is the German Army knife, with two blades opening from each side and featuring hard plastic grips and aluminum liners. It was originally produced with carbon steel blades and brass liners both vulnerable to corrosion , but with the onset of the Vietnam War was modified to incorporate all- stainless steel construction. Miscellaneous designs[ edit ] Another style of folding, non-locking knife is the friction-folder. These use simple friction between the blade and scales to hold the blade in place once opened; an example is the Japanese higonokami. An electrician ‘s knife typically has a locking screwdriver blade but a non-locking knife blade.

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Mussel of the genus Anodonta , with style “st” shown in black Lampsilis mussel, with style “st” in cross-section Among animals, there exists a single known example of an apparently freely-rotating structure, though it is used for digestion rather than propulsion: The cilia rotate the rod, so that it becomes wrapped in strands of mucus. As the rod slowly dissolves in the stomach, it releases digestive enzymes. The engine is powered by proton motive force , i. In species of the genus Vibrio , there are two kinds of flagella, lateral and polar, and some are driven by a sodium ion pump rather than a proton pump.

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By Charlie Stross Hi: Note that “crowded theatre” and “crying fire” are not to be taken literally; rather, it’s a question about how much money you can make by manipulating social media to drive public opinion. I’m going to start with the money markets: However, it’s a bet that, by and large, they lost money on. DM over-simplification alert—the market didn’t tank, his portfolio lost value. Still, as bets go, it’s a good if obvious example of crying fire in a crowded theatre for pleasure and profit: Another fairly obvious example is the investment by the current Russian leadership in cyberwar ops against the perceived-as-more-competent candidate in the last US presidential election.

Rotating locomotion in living systems

Two men, Albert and Maks, are chosen to be cryogenically hibernated as part of a test. However, something goes very wrong and they are left frozen for many more years than they were supposed to. They wake up in a post-apocalyptic underground totalitarian world inhabited entirely by women, and find themselves defending the very fact that they’re men. In the future, it seems, all of history has been re-written to only star female heroes, and men have since been done away with entirely.

Several organisms are capable of rolling locomotion; however, true wheels and propellers—despite their utility in human vehicles—do not appear to play a significant role in the movement of living things (with the exception of certain flagella, which function like corkscrews).Biologists have expounded on the reasons for this apparent absence of biological wheels, and wheeled creatures have.

Different emblems on different knives. From with all the known stampings. It may sound complicating for dating; it is my belief that the hot stamp emblem was introduced more early than I would put it in around Even if Victorinox say the hot stamp and the special scales from it is so. I believe Victorinox speak the truth.

Here are the best economic simulation games for PC users

There are many games that loosely fit in the economic simulation genre. For example, in the Total War games , players adjust tax rates, expand settlements and trade with other empires. Below are a few of the best Windows games in the economic simulation genre. In the game, players get to manage their own railway companies by laying tracks across European and American landscapes, building stations and investing in new trains.

After Civilization , this is undoubtedly one of the best Sid Meier game franchises with plenty of fans.

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Etymology[ edit ] To be precise, the real name of the statue is Menneke Pis. In fact, in Flemish or Dutch, but also in the dialect of Brussels, een manneke means a small man, whereas een menneke means a little boy it is the diminutive of men: Manneken Pis is sometimes given the nickname of Petit Julien or Julianske “Little Julien” , which in fact refers to a now-disappeared fountain of Julian Juliaenkensborre , by mistakenly confusing two well-distinct fountains.

This site is served by the premetro station Bourse. History[ edit ] Origins of Manneken Pis[ edit ] The earliest mention of the existence of Manneken Pis can be found in an administrative text, dating from — , about the water lines supplying the fountains of Brussels. From the beginning, the fountain played an essential role in the distribution of drinking water. It stood on a column and poured water into a double rectangular basin of stone.

The only representations of this first statue can be found, very schematically, in a painting by Denis Van Alsloot , representing the Brussels’ Ommegang of and in a preparatory drawing to this painting. The first statue was replaced by a new bronze version, commissioned in It was probably melted and installed in During this time, the column supporting the statue and the double rectangular basin collecting water were completely remodeled by Daniel Raessens.

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November 3, Getty Images If you’re the type of mibster that has knuckled down with a taw and shot for an aggie duck, then you already know quite a bit about mibs. If you’re among the many people who have no idea what any of that means, stick around as we explore the history of marbles. Rolling Through History Believe it or not, but no one really knows where marbles originated.

They’ve been found in the ashes of Pompeii and in the tombs of ancient Egyptians, and they were played with by Native American tribes, so it’s impossible to pin down a precise country of origin. The earliest examples were simply stones that had been polished smooth by a running river, but for centuries artisans made them by hand from clay, stone, or glass. Mass production became possible in , when Sam Dyke of Akron, Ohio, created a wooden block with six grooves, each of which held a lump of clay.

A pocketknife is a foldable knife with one or more blades that fit inside the handle that can still fit in a is also known as a jackknife (jack-knife) or a penknife, though the latter may also be a specific kind of pocketknife. A typical blade length is 5 to 15 centimetres (2 to 6 in). Pocketknives are versatile tools, and may be used for anything from opening an envelope, to cutting.

Known examples include the following figurines: All Paperweight marbles are very rare. The base glass is typically clear, though colored glass examples occur, yet only extremely rarely. These are harder to find than regular paperweight marbles and in fact are among the most valuable of all hand made marbles. Millefiori Paperweight Marble SLAGS Though slags are traditionally thought of as mostly machine made types, most of the earliest “transitional” marbles, that is to say those made partially by hand and partially by machine, as well as some hand made marbles, are slag-types.

Hand Made Slags Hand made slags can either be those drawn off a cane two pontil examples or formed by the single gather method single pontil examples. The latter should not be confused with Transitional Slags, which also have single pontils. Most hand made Slags with two pontils are composed of black or purple glass mixed with white. Single pontil hand made Slags differ from most other slag-type marbles. First, they employ different colors, not the dark colors often found in early Slags but lighter ones, with green being most prevalent.

These base colors are more translucent than transparent. Furthermore, rather than having white as the secondary color, they usually contain yellow swirls or rarely another color, such as purple. Such slags appear to be known mostly from examples excavated at German glassworks sites. Leighton, whose family had been in the glass industry for at least three generations, first produced marbles at the Iowa City Flint Glass Manufacturing Company between

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Tertiary mammals of the western United States 4. Tertiary bird and mammal tracks and the Devils corkscrews 5. Tertiary volcanism in the northwest United States 6.

OWA (pronounced OH-WAH and meaning “big water” in the language of the Muscogee tribe, which developed and owns OWA) is a ride, acre amusement park centered on .

Tweet Family Friendly Attractions and Activities Los Angeles is very large city that has plenty of activities, sights and attractions to choose from. Whether you and the kids are looking for outdoor adventures, amusement parks, sunny beaches, museums, shopping or sightseeing, Los Angeles has it all for you to choose from.

Below is a list of our top recommended things to do with kids in Los Angeles. Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Disneyland and Disney California Adventure are the world-famous amusement parks that combine to make up the perfect family friendly destination. Disneyland, which opened in is divided into eight magically themed lands and is full of rides and entertainment for all ages of kids. Roller coasters, water rides, thrill rides, kiddie rides, parades, character experiences, fireworks and themed dining can all be a part of your day at Disneyland.

Disney California Adventure Park, which is walking adjacent to Disneyland, has seven Disney and Pixar lands for the family to explore.

German spas: the naked truth

Initially the company produced ornamental carvings for the embellishment of coffins and furniture as well as the interiors of fashionable homes, including the New York Governor’s mansion in Albany. As demand increased, a molding technique was developed where Syroco could create perfect replicas of their original carvings. These molds also featured a wood grain within the mold, allowing for a more detailed aesthetic.

The recipe of wood flour, waxes, and resins combined with compression molding created an inexpensive, but high quality product. As the 40’s approached, demand for Syroco was waning with the new popularity of Danish Modern with its clean simple lines and less ornamentation on furniture.

OWA (pronounced OH-WAH and meaning “big water” in the language of the Muscogee tribe, which developed and owns OWA) is a ride, acre amusement park centered on .

The name was changed to Marble King and operated in St. Marys, West Virginia, until , when it was destroyed by a fire. The factory is still in operation today. Berry Pink was no stranger to the world of marbles. For years, he had been a prominent promoter of the game of marbles he had sponsored tournaments since and had even “jobbered” those of other companies under the name of “Berry Pink, Inc. However, he was based in New York City and for the most part trusted operations of his plant to Roger Howdyshell.

For the first several months Marble King did not manufacture marbles, though they had purchased Alley’s machinery along with the factory, but rather packaged and sold marbles made by Peltier Glass. The initial production runs were in July,

A Brief History of Marbles (Including All That Marble Slang)

Destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in , the foot pier was rebuilt and reopened in November Designed for both strolling and fishing, the pier features benches, covered areas, restrooms, a marina and a restaurant. There is no cost to walk, but a saltwater license is required for fishing. The park is home to a lovely rose garden and fountain, plus picnic tables, pavilion, duck pond, tree trail, and a large sandy beach. Non-residents are charged park admission during the summer season.

In addition to the waterfront park, numerous bluff top parks extend along the bay front.

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Klein , For The Inquirer Imagine the intersection of two distinctive subcultures, circa One traffics in delayed gratification, the other in fantasy fulfillment. But from this unlikely premise, Michael Hollinger book, lyrics and Robert Maggio music have wrought TouchTones, a racy, quirky, engaging, and ultimately romantic musical about the elusiveness of intimacy.

Hollinger is familiar to Philadelphia, and especially to Arden, audiences for works such as Opus, Red Herring, and Incorruptible. His shows — from farce to drama — are witty and formally elegant. It also is his first collaboration with Maggio, whose oeuvre includes dance scores and orchestral and theater music.

Is the K/T the post-Flood boundary?—part 2: paleoclimates and fossils

Therme Erding is the largest thermal spa in Europe In Bavaria, anyone who fancies taking the waters should forget their swimming costume and dive right in Wednesday 30 November On a wintry Friday evening on the outskirts of Munich, post-work pals aren’t watching TV or heading out for drinks. Instead they’re sitting at Therme Erding’s pool bar wearing nothing but an electronic wrist tag, which tots up how many half pints of local Erdinger lager they’ve supped through the night.

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